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We have multiple ways to connect with customers. We do this through multiple ways:

Educational Videos & DVDs
We have a library of nearly 20 DVDs that we have sold more than 10,000 copies. These videos are a combination of classroom seminar setting and on the water demonstration. We have recently converted many of the videos in our catalog to On Demand streaming online, which allows you to watch them on multiple devices instantly. - View here in a new window

Marine Electronics Training Videos
We have a library available on both DVD and On Demand streaming video service of our well known Lowrance instructional videos that teaches the user how to set it up for the best results, navigate the menus and ultimately operate their electronics to use them to their fullest potential. We also are bringing in experts on both Humminbird and Garmin to create "How to" style videos for their marine electronics.
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YouTube Video Clips
We also stay connected to our customers through a series of useful fishing tips. We help explain everything from properly letting your jig down to the bottom while vertical jigging to how to download and update Lowrance Electronics. View here - YouTube ExampleOpens in a new window

Promotional/Streaming Video Production
We create short videos to stream online of products for companies that we do work with. Some examples of these videos are a video owners manual for the MotorGuide Xi5, Traxstech Dowriggers, Attwood Marine cleaning products, Lowrance Marine Electronics and more.
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Walleye 101 Members Only Fishing Club Meetings
We have a Members Only Club that has meetings once a month a 2 separate locations. Because of popular demand from requests of people out of the area to join our club we have recently made these meetings available by On Demand video streaming.

Teaching & Training
Seminars & Workshops
We do a variety of seminars and workshops where customers can come and attend a live event that features both Lance Valentine and other accomplished anglers teach customers on a variety of subjects from fishing techniques and presentations to marine electronics and even how to use popular consumer electronics and websites to assist anglers. We also hold monthly Walleye 101 Members Only meetings and educational seminars.

Educational Charters
Lance Valentine does over 100 educational walleye fishing charters per year on multiple bodies of water. This business has created such a demand that Lance has had to hire 2 additional charter captains to service the extra demand for training. Customers can learn any technique or subject that they desire by request on the great lakes.

Electronics Training
Lance Valentine has innovated many services over the years that are now being "copied" industry wide. One of these services is marine electronics training. As technology advances anglers have more and more options of marine electronics tools available to them. In the last year alone features such as built in WiFi mirroring to tablets and mobile devices, creating your own lake maps of even currently unmapped lakes, Chirp Sonar, built in StructureScan, controlling your trolling motor from your electronics, auto steering and more. As mentioned before we have both live hands on "button     pushing" workshops and training videos available both on DVD and On Demand streaming.

BITB Electronics Training (butt in the boat)
Lance has also launched a new easier to understand program for anglers to learn their electronics through his BITB sessions. "BITB" stands for butt in the boat training. Lance will take anglers on his boat and demonstrate the new features available in marine electronics. He also fields a Q&A time during each session so that the customers can get a better understanding of their product.

 Taking Anglers On The Road
Fishing Education Weekends
Another Lance Valentine innovation is the "Fishing Education Weekend" and has been widely "copied" by even some of the biggest tournament names in the industry but they just can not reproduce Lances success. We believe that the reason for this is because Lance believes in the power of relationships and strives to create them in everything he does. Fishing Education Weekends are a great deal for the attending anglers. We work hard to create an all inclusive weekend including lodging, meals and boat launch all at an extremely low price that most any angler can afford.On a fishing education weekend anglers will join Lance Valentine and his Walleye 101 Pro Staff along with other industry experts to teach anglers the     keys to successful fishing in all different environments. These weekends are filled with classroom instruction, on the water instruction and plenty of time to get on the water to try out the techniques that they have just learned about. We also have industry businesses that we have partnered with attend and feature their products and train customers how to use them. - View this on the Teachin' Fishin' website hereOpens in a new window