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book a charter instructions

1. choose the appropriate charter that you are looking for in the drop down menu under "Please select a service" and click show available times. This will sort the calendar below to show only the charters in that category, if you want to look at other time a day categories, you must change it in the "Select a service" drop down menu.

2.The color legend on the calendar is:
light red = unavailable
dark red = already booked
light green = available charter for the service you chose above.

Click on the light green box on the date that you would like to book your charter.

3. After clicking on the light green date that date will appear and there will be a second green box with the start time for your charter. Click on the green box with the time listed in it. This will take you to the registration form.

4. When the registration form appears it will list a recap of the charter that you are reserving. Confirm that all of the information is correct. (NOTE: it says "Price: 100.00 USD" that is the cost of the deposit for the trip, the balance is due paying paying Lance at the completion of your charter)
Fill in the appropriate information. Where it says "Your phone" please list your mobile number, so Lance can reach you on the day of the charter if necessary after you already got on the road.

5. Click the button that says "Please click here to confirm this appointment" Once you click that, another button will appear that says "Please confirm 100.00 USD payment for ...." Click that button also.

6. You should now be at a PayPal page to pay your trip deposit. Here you can either log in to your PayPal or if you don't have a pay pal account, you can click the grey button that says "Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

7. After paying your deposit it will redirect you back to and you are registered for your trip.